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Spring Sports:  Tee Ball, Coach Pitch, Softball & Baseball

Registration Information

In Person or Mail-In Registration
Online Registration is available for this sport.
Print the Spring Registration form and deliver completed form and payment:

1.  In Person Registration Dates:  2/28, 3/1, and 3/2 from 7-9 pm at Vermeule
2. Deliver the completed form with payment to the Recreation office at 93 Greenbrook Road, North Plainfield, NJ 07060

Players are encouraged to come to in-person registration to try on sample size uniforms, whether they are registering online or in person. Once uniforms are ordered, they cannot be changed.

Note:  A player is not officially registered, nor will they be added to a team, until payment has been received. 

2018 Softball and Baseball Draft for Players in 3rd-8th Grade 
For full details, download Draft details.

Game Schedules

The following schedules for the 2018 season are available for T-ball, Coach Pitch, Softball & Baseball:
T-ball Schedule
Coach Pitch Schedule
Junior Boys Baseball Schedule
Junior Girls Softball Schedule
Senior Boys Baseball Schedule
Senior Girls Softball Schedule


Individual & Team Photos

This season's dates are:

Individual player and team pictures will be taken during a specific time.  To view specific team times, download the picture schedule.
View the 2018 Picture Order form.

If you have specific questions about your pictures, please contact the photographer directly at The Photo Loft  (


T-ball (also teeball) is intended as an introduction for young children to develop ball-game skills and have fun. The principal difference between tee-ball and Coach Pitch is that the child usually hits the ball off of a stationary tee; the ball is generally not pitched. Thus, tee-ball allows a young child to learn the skills of batting, catching, running the bases, and throwing, while making it both easier to hit the ball and less likely for batters to be injured since they do not need to dodge wayward pitches. The ball is also softer.

Coach Pitch is a team sport to help develop boys and girls baseball skills and to have fun. At this level, the players advance from using a Tee and receive pitches from one of the coaches.

Softball is a variant of baseball played with a larger ball. Softball rules vary somewhat from those of baseball.

Game Rules

Game Rules for All Levels for the 2017 Season


Season Starts:  April
Season Ends:  June


Tee Ball & Coach Pitch:  $55.00 per player
Softball & Baseball:  $65.00 per player


Tee Ball:  Girls and Boys in Kindergarten
Coach Pitch:  Girls and Boys in 1st & 2nd Grades
Softball:  Girls in 3rd-8th Grades
Baseball:  Boys in 3rd-8th Grades


Players will receive: 
Team Shirt
Baseball/Softball Pants
Team Socks

All players must wear:   
Team Shirt
Baseball Pants
Team Socks
Cleats or Sneakers (metal cleats are not allowed) 

Players who do not have the proper uniform will not be allowed to play in games.

Note: During cold days, a player may wear warmer gear, but it must be worn UNDER their uniform so that referees/umpires can see player's number.