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The following information may be used as a “Guide” as we approach the Fall sports season.

We appreciate your patience in getting information regarding fall sports as our timelines to begin sports have been pushed back due to the covid virus.  We just received clearance from the BOE to use their property for our fall sports programs.  As you may know, Recreation primarily uses Board of Education property for all of our fall sports. Thus, until this was approved (on Sept. 11) we were unable to begin any programs.  Obviously, our sports seasons this fall will be shorter than usual, but we feel it is important for us to allow our youth some time to get out and play these sports.  No more registrations will be accepted for these sports  with the exception of Archery which will be delayed (see below).


Grammar school students 3-8th grade generally participate on Wednesday nights. Traditionally, 3/4/5 go the first, 6/7/8 graders go 2nd. Exact evening times to be determined. High school students and adults participate on Tuesday nights.  Archery is typically held at West End School gym.  However, since schools are closed the Board of Education is, understandably, not permitting us to use the gym for Archery.  Thus, we are planning to offer archery hopefully in the winter when school reopens.  Families who have children registered for archery will get a call from the recreation department when we are beginning that program.  We will continue to accept registrations for Archery only.  You can register in-person at the NP Recreation Office, 93 Greenbrook Rd. 


Flag football is offered to boys and girls grades Pre-K to 5th Grade. Typically, we will have two leagues (Pre-K, 1 and 2) and (3-5th grade).   Unfortunately enrollment  was down and there will  not be a program for the 3rd to 5th  grade group this year.  Games are played Sunday afternoons on the turf field at the high school. Coaches may practice Saturday afternoon after our soccer program is over.   Now that we have permission to use the Board of Ed fields, teams will be selected shortly and if your child is registered you will receive a call from your child’s coach in the next week or so.


Fusion football (6th -8th grade)  will not be played this year as there was not enough enrollment to make a team.



We will have cheerleading for the Pre-K, K, 1st and 2nd graders who have registered.  The cheerleaders will cheer on Sundays for the football players. Practice days to be determined at a later date by the cheerleading coaches.

Since we are not having football for 3rd grade and up due to low registration numbers, there will be no games for our 3rd through 8th grade cheerleaders to cheer for.  We are investigating the idea of having some cheer clinics for these children and will get back to you with more information shortly.


Soccer is offered to boys and girls from Pre-K to 8th grade. Games are played at various school locations on Saturday mornings.

Pre-K through 2nd grade soccer players will play for 1 hour on Saturday mornings at lower Krausche fields as was done last year.   This league will not have any separate practice days.  They will practice each Saturday morning before having a short game.

Grades 3-8  soccer will be co-ed this year, meaning that boys and girls will play together on the same teams.  This was a decision made due to lower enrollment numbers.  Teams will be offered practice time twice a week. A practice schedule is not available at this time.  Now that we have Board of Ed approval to use fields, teams will be selected within this week and you will get a call from your child’s coach soon after that to inform you of the practices.


NP Recreation is following all of the governor’s guidelines and instructions regarding the opening of fall sports during  this Covid virus.  This pandemic, of course, was the reason for the delay in our fall sports seasons.  Coaches will give you instructions on any covid guidelines that you or your child will need to follow.  WE APPRECIATE YOUR PATIENCE, HELP AND ASSISTANCE IN ADVANCE.  PLEASE CALL THE RECREATION OFFICE AT (908) 756-0247 WITH ANY QUESTIONS.  THANK YOU.